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 Business Dutch

A course in business Dutch is meant for those who work here in the Netherlands and need to learn the Dutch used in common workplace situations. For this course we have two methods: "Ter zake" (level B1) and "Taaltrainer" (B2 and C1). "Ter zake" treats all kinds of office situations. "Taaltrainer" trains the Dutch in the administrative, medical and technical sectors.

For a business Dutch course you need to have a basic level of proficiency (level A). If you do not yet possess this level (sufficiently), you have to first follow a Dutch course at level A.

Course duration

A course comprises 30 lessons of 1 hour. You have 1 lesson per week or, if desired, 2 lessons. Each lesson is accompanied by 1 hour of homework. In a course we will advance half a level (e.g. from B1 to B2).


When a course member has successfully completed a business Dutch course, he/she can, by his/her request, receive a certificate from Maître Jean.

The levels indicated above are according to the Common European Framework of Reference.
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