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 Terms and conditions

  1. In addition to information from the website of language institute Maître Jean, you can request more information by e-mail. If you are interested, we can make an appointment for an introductory meeting.
  2. If you decide to start one of the courses, you fill in a registration form and sign the terms and conditions.
  3. A course consists of 30 lessons and can be started throughout the year.
  4. The lessons are individual, unless a group can be formed when you register or you can join an existing group.
  5. The opening hours of language institute Maître Jean are 9:00 to 22:00 on weekdays. The language institute is closed in the weekend.
  6. For short, urgent messages you can call us at telephone number 076-5420502. In case the teacher is busy or absent, you can leave a message on our voice mail.
  7. The tariffs per person per lesson of 60 minutes are as follows: €40.00 for an individual lesson, €22.50 for a group of two people, €17.50 for a group of three to five people. Companies have to pay 21% VAT in addition. Price changes reserved.
  8. Companies receive an invoice for the entire course in advance or a monthly invoice. Private students receive a monthly invoice at the beginning of each month.
  9. Invoices shall be paid within 10 working days. You will be sent a reminder if your payment is not due within this period. If the invoice remains unpaid, your lessons will be suspended until payment is received.
  10. Upon enrolment in a course, we will determine fixed course hours to which you have to adhere as much as possible.
  11. Individual lessons that are cancelled more than 24 hours in advance will be billed, but can be rescheduled within a week. Individual lessons that are cancelled 24 hours or less in advance are billed and cannot be rescheduled.
  12. Group lessons will still take place if one or more course members are not present and cannot be rescheduled. Cancelled group lessons are billed. A group lesson that is cancelled by the teacher will not be billed.
  13. In case a course is interrupted for three weeks or more, the course hours will no longer remain reserved.
  14. Courses have a maximum duration of one year. One year after the starting date of a course, the right on the remaining lessons expires.
  15. Courses are not refunded if they are paid in advance and terminated or not completed. Courses are linked to your name and cannot be transferred to someone else.
  16. The study material can be ordered for you by language institute Maître Jean. You will pay forwarding charges for this. Of course you can order the study material yourself as well.
  17. You can borrow movies and books from the language institute's library. The loan period is two weeks. You will be charged for damaged or unreturned movies or books.
  18. Language institute Maître Jean is not responsible for possible damages caused by mistakes, misunderstandings or lack of information from the side of the client.
  19. If you start a course at Maître Jean, you agree to the rules laid out here.
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