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 Exam training NT2

If you are coming from a foreign country and want to follow professional education at an intermediate (mbo) or higher (hbo) level or study at a university, you are obligated to pass the NT2 exam. Program I is often needed for an mbo education and is at level B1. Program II is obligatory for an hbo education or university and is at level B2. For companies the exam is an official proof that you master the Dutch language at level B in all four skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading). Higher educated people from outside of the European union need to take one of the two exams for their naturalization. An NT2 certificate is a valuable possession!

To prepare you for the exam we have a large collection of previous exams and the methods "Vooruit" (for program I) and "De finale" (for program II). Furthermore, we can work on any of the four skills individually with a specialized book.

For a better knowledge of the Dutch society, the books "Nederland voor nieuwkomers" (B1) and "Nederland in zicht" (B2) form an interesting addition.

The levels indicated above are according to the Common European Framework of Reference.
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